What Are The Uses Of Small Coffee Makers With Grinder?

Every coffee drinker knows that the quality of a cup can be affected by the coffee grounds' freshness.  The fresher your coffee grounds, the better the quality of your coffee.  If you want the best and freshest North American grown coffee at home, consider grinding our premium arabica beans yourself.   For this, you need to invest in a small coffee maker with grinder.  Fortunately, there are many coffee maker types out there that are compact enough for home use but has a built-in grinder.  You don't have to sacrifice your countertop space by having two separate gadgets for grinding and brewing.   Check out the uses and advantages of a small coffee maker with grinder below.


Advantages of Getting Small Coffee Makers with Grinder

While there are some great small coffee makers with grinder in the market today, there really aren't any that meet all your needs and individual preferences. In order to decide on what to buy, consider the following factors.


For Convenience

Automatic coffee makers are super easy to use, but if you get one with a built-in grinder, the level of convenience that you will experience will level up. These coffee makers have convenient features that are not often found in other types, such as various grind settings, automatic shut off, and warming plates. Using this kind of coffee maker, you won't have to put in a lot of effort in prepping your coffee.  


To Have More Control

A small coffee maker with grinder allows you to have more and better control over your cup of brew. It will also let you to choose the size of the coffee grind, which will help you decide the brew's strength.


For a Uniform Grind

Apart from setting the grind's size, a small coffee maker with grinder can also produce a uniform grind. Having uniform grinds also prevents you from interfering with your coffee experience. Finer grinds have better taste eventually.


To Save Power

If you’re a busy person and you often forget to turn off your coffee maker. Some small coffee maker with grinder has an auto shut-off option, making it a great power saver.


Selections for Cup Counts

Some coffee makers with built-in grinders usually come with a brew-pause option, which means that you can set to a certain number of cups.  


For a Fresher Taste

If you choose to grind your own beans, you will avoid having coffee that tastes stale. Using a coffee maker with a built-in grinder will make sure you have a fresher tasting coffee. Once you try grinding your own beans, you will be able to taste the difference between fresh and pre-ground beans.


For a Better Flavor

Your coffee's flavor depends on how much of its oils are extracted during the brewing process. Once the coffee beans are ground up, the aromatic compounds within the coffee are extracted and exposed. This is why pre-ground coffee goes stale quicker than the whole beans. But if you have a small coffee maker with grinder, you will be able to process your whole beans just right before brewing, giving you a more flavorful and freshly brewed coffee.



If you are a coffeeholic, we're sure that you can't start your day without having your morning cup of Joe. And having a small coffee maker with grinder will save you countertop space in the kitchen and elevate your coffee experience. You don't have to sacrifice your kitchen space by having two gadgets and your coffee's quality by using pre-ground coffee. It is always a good idea to check out the uses and advantages before deciding what to get.

Author: Earl Of Coffee 

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