WCC Tip - Storage

There are some misconceptions on the storage front. The bottom line here is that great coffee does not last forever. In fact, we’ve found that after the roast date, it is best to let the beans settle for a about 12-24 hours, then to consume the beans within the subsequent 2-3 weeks. We’ve found that after this period, the potency of the profile of the coffee dissipates, causing the coffee to taste flatter. However, this does not mean it is Bad... This simply means that it is no longer in "Peak Condition". Think of it this way: she made you cookies... They're really Really tasty and you know they're going to taste the best that same day. But you are planning a beach trip in a week, so you need to exercise some discipline and can only eat two a day. It's now day 4... Are you going to get rid of them? No... you're going devour your allotted two cookies.

Here are some tips/observations to help retain the profile based on our experience:

  • Purchase whole beans. Once ground, the beans lose their profile very rapidly
  • Store in a dry place not too hot 
  • Some say that freezing the beans can preserve the beans for a long term hold. This may be true, however, through our experience, we have found that it may mute some of the beans profile. Additionally, once taken out of the freezer, the beans may form a small layer of condensation on the outside on the beans, therefore, once ground and prepared for brewing, the beans already have some moisture content and the grinds can stick together, preventing proper brewing (some methods are more impacted than others). This can negatively impact the extraction when brewing and therefore taste. (This is probably amplified with the high humidity in Houston, Texas)
  • Leave the beans together in the original packaging. We provide an initial airtight seal to help keep the good stuff inside, and a tin tie to provide future seals. You may notice a valve on the bag of the packaging. This piece is in place because we package our beans directly after roasting, which allows us a timely delivery of fresh coffee. Since the beans are fresh out of the drum, they will continue to release gasses and build pressure. The one-way gas valve allows the built up gasses to escape.

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