WCC Tip - Buying Coffee

American grown coffee. All-American Blend. West Coffee Company roast in small batches in Texas. Premium American Roasted Coffee
What to Look For


If you have access to a grinder, whole bean is by far the best way to go. The natural structure of the coffee bean is the best natural preserver of the aroma and taste of the coffee. As you break down the bonds of the beans structure, these tastes and aromas break free. It is best to brew your coffee right after it has been ground.

That being said, we fully understand that not everyone has a personal grinder, and in which case you may need to buy ground coffee. It is important to align your grind type with your brewing method. Here is a quick guide:

Espresso: Espresso/Very fine

Drip Coffee (Cone Filter): Fine

Drip Coffee (Normal): Medium

Pour Over: Medium

French Press: Coarse

Additionally, look for the roast type on the bag. We prefer a darker roast profile that brings out some of the deeper and more nostalgic notes of coffee. Lighter roasts will preserve more of the coffee's acidity and fruitier notes. Very light roasts may yield tea-like brews. That being said, there is definitely such thing as too dark, where the coffee has turned to a ball of carbon. 

We also recommend purchasing your coffee "fresh". Meaning as close to the roast date as possible. As coffee sits on the shelf, the flavor profile and aromas dissipate over the course of a couple weeks, this is why we we roast all of our coffee to order.

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