About Us

West Coffee Company. Premium american roasted coffee. Roasted in small batches from facility in Texas. 100% USA grown coffee


West Coffee Company is a family-owned business born in Texas with a vision to connect Americans across the nation with the remarkable coffees grown and harvested here in North America. While forging relationships with partnering farms and distributors across the United States and Mexico, our team has tasted, analyzed and critiqued countless blends of different varietals, grades and roasts to develop our proprietary blends of premium Arabica coffee. As we explored various roast levels on our North American beans, we found that our palettes unanimously gravitated towards a darker roast, unlocking a bold and rich flavor profile. By allowing our coffee to coast further in the roast, the beans develop deeper caramelized notes, without losing the unique bold characteristics of their origin. Some people call this medium-dark stage a Vienna roast, some call it a Full City roast, we call it a Natural Roast. 

Equally as important as the roast quality, is the quality of the beans themselves. We use 100% USA grown beans sourced from farms across Hawaii and Puerto Rico for our All-American Blend and American Reserve. As USA based agricultural businesses, these American farms uphold US labor laws set by the Department of Labor and environmental standards set by the EPA. In doing so, these farms produce high quality beans while maintaining some of the best working conditions across the industry. In addition to using American grown beans, our North American Blend harnesses a boldness of its own as we pair our American beans with our selection of Mexican coffee.

As we carry out our mission to deliver premium American roasted coffee sourced directly from North America, while supporting American farmers and businesses across our supply chains, our daily focus is on our customers. We strive to uphold the American standard of quality and consistency in every batch we produce. To ensure this level of quality, we work closely with our partners to source hand-picked, 100% Arabica beans, which our team carefully roasts in small batches at our Roasting House in Texas.